Glen Porter, Highland Cemetery
Milwaukee, WI

"World class products, world class support."

Ann Kilzer, Curlew Hills
Clearwater, FL

"Great products, great support, great upgrades. Just a great company."

Kathy Philpot, Archdiocese of Louisville

"Nexus provides the flexibility that I like in everyday use. I look forward to the enhancements that are added each year and I can trust a timely response from the friendly support staff."

Rick Davis, Diocese of Fresno

"Nexus allows me to finally extract customer, sales, and service information without delay."

Ben Ernest, Sunset Memory Gardens, Dothan, AL

"They (the MBS Support Staff) are so accommodating and always there when we need them."

Kay Mullenax, Diocese of Tucson

"I talk to Jan on a regular basis. Sometimes I think I need a red phone on my desk that connects to her (LOL)... She is WONDERFUL."

Sharon Vallejo, Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS

"We want to thank you and all your staff for the hard work they put in on our maps. I know for a fact they were not easy. Vickie, Tom, Cathy and Jan were great to work with. I also want to let you know that Jan is such a valuable employee to your company. She is very knowledgeable about your systems and always willing to help someone. I am very pleased with your systems. Nexus is a wonderful system to work with and I can't say enough about the mapping system, except, I don't know why we waited so long to get it."

Rick Davis, Diocese of Fresno

"Some people consider me to be a paid spokesman for Nexus by MBS. However, it is just because I absolutely love their program, all of the options, features and benefits, and most importantly their support. They are second to none."

Rick McLaughlin, Allegheny Cemetery

"Terrific Support -- I don't care how you describe terrific, this is it -- period."

Ray Snider, Mt. Hope Cemetery, San Diego, CA

"My thanks to all the MBS staff for the help and support provided with the Nexus and IMAP startup and data conversion support. Getting to know you guys was a joy."

Gary Brown, Catholic Cemeteries of Phoenix

"My staff loves the Task Center... Having all the information right there on one screen... is a tremendous time saver."

Chuck Freebold, Our Lady Queen of Peace in Palm Beach Diocese

"MBS has been a lifesaver... and their courteous staff is just a friendly phone call away."

Neal Shoger, Gibraltar Remembrance Services

"Fred, I wanted to call to your attention how Joel Leach helped us in a difficult situation... What I want to share with you is that I was not surprised at all. All of your staff which we deal with, Joel and Jan and Gerald, display a "let me help get it done right and get it done now" mentality. Each of them has been very gracious in explaining any problem that we call with, regardless of whether it was our error or misunderstanding which caused the problem to begin with. I must assume that it was you who created this great customer service climate.  Thanks to all of you."

Rick McLaughlin, Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

"Online upgrades are so easy; your Doberman can do it."

Tina Delgado, Sunset Memorial Park, Albuquerque, NM

"Nexus is going to make my job a lot easier."

Rich Peterson, Director of Cemeteries for the Archdiocese of Seattle

"The best support I have ever received from any company, anytime"

Scott Lankford, Evergreen-Washelli, Seattle, WA

"Our employees found the IMAP program easy to pick up and use. The program performed well on laptops in the field. Memorial Day went flawlessly. Thanks for the great effort."

Paul Elvig, President of Evergreen-Washelli in Seattle

"IMAP is the breakthrough we needed. No more worries about double burials. I love the IMAP peace of mind."

Rich Peterson, Archdiocese of Seattle

"The data conversion and transition were smooth and the service is just great."

Rick Davis, Diocese of Fresno

"Vickie, Great job on the addition of the niches to the St. Joseph mausoleum map. That was very quick and appears to be 100% accurate on the first pass. Impressive!"

Debbie Cammarano, Associated Catholic Cemeteries of Seattle

"I love the Task Center! All the options are on one screen so that you can move around anywhere."

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