DeedIt! is a customized Windows based deed printing application.

DeedIt! is an add-on application and requires Nexus or Nexus Express.

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Through DeedIt! Nexus users have the ability to print professional looking, custom deeds for each property sale. Linked closely with Nexus, important customer information is printed directly on the deed through a request to print for a given piece of property.  As a customized system, cemetery information is preset for each cemetery allowing accurate and professional deeds every time. As a time saver, DeedIt! eliminates the need for time consuming manual deed preparation and manual typing.

  • Use Deed It! to print entire deeds in a single hit.  No more need to manually line up pre-printed deeds in the typewriter when Deed It! accesses data directly from Nexus and your own custom deeds to create a single professional deed.
  • Deeds are custom designed to the specifications of each individual cemetery.  Edit deed templates yourself using the built-in MBS Word Processor.
  • Deeds can be viewed directly on screen and owner and property information can be edited as needed.
  • Formalize the look of you deeds by printing them on professional deed document paper available at most office supply stores.

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