Tracking, Receivables and Collections $ystem

TRAC$ is an add-on application and requires Nexus.

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TRAC$ was developed by MBS to serve cemetery and funeral home / cemetery combinations collection needs. TRAC$ is an "add-on" solution module that works in conjunction with MBS’s Nexus program.

With built in account tracking, custom triggers, schedulers and word processing systems, TRAC$ is designed to programmatically handle all of your accounts receivable needs. Working hand in hand with Nexus, TRAC$ reads information stored in Nexus' data files to obtain ownership information, calculate delinquency amounts and determine due dates. When commanded by its users, TRAC$ automatically accesses this information and combines it with user defined letter templates to create mail merged documents and labels. This information can also be displayed for active collections calling and further scheduling. Payments and contact information is then stored in the system and is reflected in future contacts with the clients.

  • TRAC$ can be set to administer reminders, ticklers, collection letters and notes to clients.
  • TRAC$ ships with 25 dunning letter templates.  The built in word processor with mail merge from Nexus allows users to individualize the product to fit their own needs through custom letter templates and labels.
  • TRAC$ works to prevent your accounts from becoming delinquent by allowing scheduled contact prior to payment due dates. Through this you can use TRAC$ to schedule reminder letters before the due date occurs which in turn helps your clients avoid late fees and you avoid the expense of collections. Imagine the savings you’ll experience by collecting your money on time and without extra follow-up!
  • If an account does become delinquent, the system provides for the assignment of that account to a specific collector on your staff who is then able to use TRAC$ to follow-up directly on that debt.
  • TRAC$ has the ability to define tracking dates and overdue payments.
  • For support, MBS offers full TRAC$ technical support and training. Additionally, TRAC$ includes online help and documentation.
  • Through TRAC$’ integrated scheduler, users have the ability to print daily "to do" and "to call" lists.
  • Unique triggers known as "action codes" can be established to perform actions on specific "action dates". Through this, entire groups of accounts can be triggered for action. An example would be a bulk, customized mail merge sent to all accounts that are 10 days past due. TRAC$ automatically searches through Nexus’s records for the accounts meeting the 10 day criteria and automatically merges and prints these records into a large bulk mailing.
  • TRAC$ is a multi-user system able to have many people within an organization managing many accounts or even a main location managing many cemeteries. For example a company with a central office managing six remote cemeteries would be able to use TRAC$ to access all of the Nexus data for all six cemeteries and work on them remotely.
  • TRAC$ is able to run on the desktop, local network and remotely, which in turn facilitates a company wide, consistent way of tracking all delinquent accounts.
  • Built in schedulers let users manage important dates including items such as account specific due dates and general dates such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and dates of passage.
  • Corporate sales capabilities are even enhanced through customized bulk mail merges, built to cover actions such as scheduled sales upgrades and direct mailings for all accounts.

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